Commercial and Private Reforestation

What We Do

Reforestation Solutions, owns a fleet of fully equipped forestry vehicles to ensure on time, on budget delivery on services.

We are reforestation experts who offer top of the line services in both the public and private sectors. We are committed to respect, safety, quality and attending to the needs of our clients and environment. Our mission is to prevent deterioration and restore vegetation to improve ecosystems. We provide the following services:

We have the experience and the ability to take the entire project on from turnkey and keep it on budget.

We are committed to high quality silviculture. We also offer comprehensive reforestation services in a wide variety of surroundings and several different industries. Our trained and reliable workforce will satisfy the needs of your reforestation project in a way that’s safe and efficient while exceeding your expectations. We hope you’ll grow to be more than a visitor and give us the pleasure to bring your future forestry project to a successful completion.

Commercial and Private Reforestation

 We provide reforestation solutions for the private and commercial sector. Our well trained and reliable crews are equipped with the tools and know-how necessary to fulfill the requirements of any planting project.

Bare Root and Plug Tree Planting

Containerized Hardwood Tree Planting (1 GL - 10 GL)


Live Staking

Ecological and Habitat Reforestation

Rely on our proven expertise to restore natural landscapes and habitats. When it comes to native plants and ecosystems you can count on us to help you bring your reforestation project a successful completion. Our services include, but are not limited to the following…

Fresh Water and Tidal Wetland Restoration

Grass Land Restoration

Surface-Mine Reclamation

Upland Forest Restoration

Stream and Reparian Zone Restoration

Tree Improvement

Whether it’s the establishment and maintenance of your progeny tests or the controlling of cross-breeding at your seed orchards, you can always depend on our skilled team to assist you in the developing and nourishing of the improved tree families.


Progeny Tests (Setting Up Planting-Maintenance)

Pine Cone Collection & Control Crossing

Silviculture Surveys

Core & Disk Sampling

Nursery Services

Tree seedlings are damaged, due mechanical lifting, and can deteriorate due to mold fungi infestation. All of this can be minimized by having a well trained and experienced workforce that complies with your high standards of quality. We understand the nature of your business and we are ready to assist you in implementing the correct practices in the handling, grading, packing and storage of your stock.


Grading and Packing


Timber Stand Improvement

 Maintaining a healthy forest can be quite challenging. We are happy to assist you in improving the quantity and quality while tending your stands. 


Treatment and Removal of Nuisance Plants

Brush Cutting

Our Philosophy

Here’s a look at the core principles that inspire our work.

Customer Obsession

We don’t obsess over winning customers – we obsess over helping customers win.


Long-term partnership, customer trust, satisfaction, and commitment is the most valued part of how we work. We’re in this for the long haul.

Win Together

We’re striving to deepen the partnerships. When you succeed, we’ve succeeded.