Vegetation Management

What We Do

Reforestation Solutions, owns a fleet of fully equipped forestry vehicles to ensure on time, on budget delivery on services.

We are reforestation experts who offer top of the line services in both the public and private sectors. We are committed to respect, safety, quality and attending to the needs of our clients and environment. Our mission is to prevent deterioration and restore vegetation to improve ecosystems. We provide the following services:

We have the experience and the ability to take the entire project on from turnkey and keep it on budget.

We spare no effort in solving vegetation issues in ways that are cost effective and do not harm the environment. Our dedication to excellence has also led us to put an emphasis on preventive behaviors and managing high-risk areas to ensure the health and well-being of all our employees. All and sundry in our company, understands that they are responsible for their individual safety and the safety of their team.


Bank on our comprehensive silvicultural services to ensure the control and elimination of unwanted vegetation. Our environmental consultants can help you to prioritize vegetation encroachments, reduce operational costs and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Herbaceous Weed Control

Reforestation Solutions provides an extensive experienced and qualified technical labor force that will apply herbaceous weed control in an efficient manner to achieve the desired control of the target species and protection of desired species. This will be accomplished by mechanical or chemical methods either alone or in combination. These methods will be applied in a manner to minimize negative impact to forage and/or other non-targeted plants.

Back Pack Application (T-Boom Band Spraying)

Hypo-Hatchet Tree Injection

Foliar, Basal, and Cut-Stump Applications

Bud Capping

Hardwood Release

Turn-Key Invasive Vegetation Management

Invasive species, when left unmanaged, undermine both the environmental and budgetary goals of reclamation. These species can out-compete desired native species and degrade a site’s ecological functioning. Monitoring for and controlling invasive species is crucial for a site to efficiently reach its intended end use.

Japanese Honeysuckle


Japanese Barberry

Norway Maple

Our Philosophy

Here’s a look at the core principles that inspire our work.

Customer Obsession

We don’t obsess over winning customers – we obsess over helping customers win.


Long-term partnership, customer trust, satisfaction, and commitment is the most valued part of how we work. We’re in this for the long haul.

Win Together

We’re striving to deepen the partnerships. When you succeed, we’ve succeeded.